A Black Communities Technical Housing Resources Centre

It is time to address the historical and ongoing inequity experienced by Black communities in the housing sector. The Centre, in collaboration with Black community organizations and with the support of CMHC and Nova Scotia Housing, is establishing a Black Communities Housing Technical Resources Centre (BCHC).

Its goal is to ensure greater access to housing for Black communities and to strengthen their leadership in the sector.

This organization will be governed and managed by organizations and individuals from Black communities across Canada. It will provide appropriate support, counselling, and expertise for Black communities seeking to grow their community housing stock.

The Centre’s role in this project is to provide its pan-Canadian community housing expertise and organizational capacity to build momentum around this initiative.

Our plan

With a team located in Nova Scotia, the Centre will coordinate participation, foster involvement, and support the launch of the project in partnership with individuals and groups from across the country.

They will be involved in the various stages of the process leading up to the first significant milestone: the establishment of the new organization with a membership, board and staff drawn from Black Canadian communities.

The initial work will also be to plan and implement activities intended to enhance the expertise and capacity, as needed, of those who choose to engage professionally in this venture. The expertise, made available to Black communities and their organizations, will help build business cases that not only meet the eligibility criteria to access federal, provincial and municipal funding programs dedicated to community housing, but most importantly proposals that match the specific needs and aspirations of Black Canadian households.

Get involved!

The only path to setting up a successful BCHC is a community-driven approach, so every Black-led community organization interested in this project is welcome.


Join the action to achieve the right to housing for and by Black people!