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You want to learn more about the Centre’s background and work?

About us

While Canada’s Community Housing sector includes about 600,000 housing units, this number has been more or less stagnant in the last 20 years. During this time, the population grew by almost 23% and the need for affordable housing has continued to increase. The Centre has been founded in 2018 by a network of organizations representing Canada’s Community Housing sector’s needs.

The Centre works with housing organizations across Canada, aiming to drive transformation, sustainability and growth in Community Housing. We strive to connect and partner with sector, service and Community Housing providers towards sector-wide transformation. Another aspiration is to fund, support and build organizational capacity where gaps and needs exist.

Our funds

The Sector Transformation Fund  (Local Projects or Sectoral Impact Projects )

The Local Projects stream is meant to support local Community Housing providers, individually or as a small group. This type of grant prioritizes transformative projects that bring more or better services to their communities and increase organizational capacity of the grantee(s).

The Sectoral Impact stream supports either sectoral service providers, community housing providers or those who are responding to a large identified gap within the Community Housing sector. This funding stream is aimed at transformative projects that bring more or better services to multiple communities across multiple areas.

The Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund (CBTIF)

This funding stream aims to provide contributions for Community Housing providers, organizations and tenant associations to support vulnerable tenants, especially those living in affordable and community housing.

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