Become a Volunteer Project Reviewer

The Centre is excited to begin outreach for Volunteer Grant Reviewers for our two grants: The Sector Transformation Fund and Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund.

What is a Reviewer?

Reviewers are individuals who are willing to contribute to our grant process by reading through grant applications and providing their overall feedback and impressions.
Reviewers are individuals with in-depth knowledge of a certain aspect of a grant application:

  • regional knowledge
  • understanding of the sector
  • knowledge of our priority areas (Reduce the sector’s environmental footprint, Address gaps in services for Indigenous communities, Support innovative and sustainable business practices, Increase social inclusion and community engagement, and Facilitate growth of the community-housing sector).

Reviewers are an integral part of the Centre’s funding decision making process, and their participation ensures that sector leaders have a significant impact on their communities and areas of practice.

If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Reviewers 101: A Tutorial

Watch this video for a brief overview of our funding allocation process. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet our dynamic Program Managers and learn about the Centre’s grants, and the role of Reviewers in the process.

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