Reviewer Capsule: Our Volunteer’s Important Contribution

Learn more about how to work as a volunteer reviewer for the Community Housing Transformation Centre.


“The Centre’s works to increase the community housing sector’s resilience and growth across Canada. We do so by funding, supporting and building organizational capacity”, says Stéphan Corriveau, General Director at The Centre. “Our reviewers are professionals with a deep understanding of the community housing sector. Their role is important so that our grant attribution can be ‘from the sector and for the sector’. The reviewer’s expertise ensures that selected projects have a significant impact on their communities.”


This video gives you a brief overview of a reviewer’s role and the fund allocation process at the Community Housing Transformation Centre. Our program managers present the Centre, our grants, the process and a reviewer’s role.


“We are always looking for competent professionals in the affordable housing sector,” says Stéphan Corriveau. “If you have knowledge of some of our priority areas, for example in Indigenous Housing or in how to best reduce the sector’s environmental footprint, please contact us!”


If you have questions about this video or are interested in becoming a reviewer, please contact us or have a look at the PowerPoint presentation.

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