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About the Centre

The Community Housing Transformation Centre is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2018 through a network of community housing organizations.

The Centre’s work aims to catalyze the growth of community housing across Canada. We support and promote the sector’s social advocacy, economic viability, growth and efficiency efforts from the perspective of sustainable and inclusive community housing development.

We provide funding, tools and services to all community housing stakeholders:

  • Non-profit housing organizations
  • Housing co-operatives
  • Federations
  • Associations
  • Groups
  • Governments

Transforming the sector

The Centre believes that in order to fulfill its mandate and effectively address the housing crisis, the community sector must be proactive and bold. Transformation, for us, means giving ourselves the means to succeed.

Transformation is an ambitious project through which we hope to generate change within the strategies and actions of thousands of organizations. Our goal is that they will participate more effectively in the sustainable growth of the sector through impact projects.

The Centre’s objective is to develop the Canadian community housing sphere and establish an effective, resilient and inclusive model that will enable all people to be safely and affordably housed, now and in the future. Collectively, we have the power to strengthen and grow the sector to meet the current and future needs of Canadians.


Our vision

To catalyze the growth of community housing so that it is resilient, sustainable and inclusive.


Our mission

We work with sector stakeholders across the country to ensure the transformation, growth and sustainability of community housing.


Our work revolves around two pillars:


  1. Partnerships: creating and strengthening links and collaboration among community housing stakeholders to frame the transformation and long-term evolution of the sector in a holistic manner.
  2. Funding: providing the sector with funds to meet its needs and consolidate the its growth efforts, in order to facilitate and accelerate the growth of community housing options.

Our values





Long-term perspective

Team, Board of Directors, Members

Consult the list of people at the heart of the Centre’s activities, as well as the list of the Centre’s member organizations.

Our Priorities

  • Sector growth
  • Resilience and innovative practices
  • Social inclusion and community action
  • Improving the sector’s environmental responsibility
  • Reconciliation with indigenous peoples


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