As a sector born initiative, backed by the National Housing Strategy, we offer grants to community housing providers, community housing service providers and community organisations under the form of 3 separate programs.

Whether your project is worth $500 or $500,000, we want to hear about it!

Applicant Checklist

Follow these steps to help you prepare to apply for the Centre’s funds. This checklist is meant as a guideline to support you in your application process.

Read our checklist

Sector Transformation Fund – Local Projects

The Local Projects stream is meant to support local community housing providers, individually or as a small group. This type of grant prioritizes transformative projects that bring more or better services to their communities and increase organizational capacity of the grantee(s).

Sector Transformation Fund – Sectoral Impact Projects

The Sectoral Impact stream supports either sectoral service providers, community housing providers or those who are responding to a large identified gap within the community housing sector. This funding stream is aimed at transformative projects that bring more or better services to multiple communities across multiple areas.

Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund

The Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund (CBTIF) aims to provide contributions for community housing providers, organizations and tenant associations to support vulnerable tenants, especially those living in affordable and community housing.

Webinar: A deep dive into our funds

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The Centre is excited to begin outreach for Volunteer Grant Reviewers for our two grants: The Sector Transformation Fund and Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund.
What is a Reviewer? 
Reviewers are individuals who are willing to contribute to our grant process.
Reviewers are individuals with in-depth knowledge of a certain aspect of a grant application:

  • regional knowledge
  • understanding of the sector
  • knowledge of our priority areas (Asset Management, Governance, Financial viability, Environmental Sustainability, Social Inclusion and Indigenous knowledge).

Reviewers are an integral part of CHTC’s funding process, and their participation ensures that sector leaders have a significant impact on their communities and areas of practice.

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