The Plancher Fund – Community Housing Transformation Centre – Centre de transformation du logement communautaire

The Plancher Fund, a solution

to Quebec’s housing crisis

Working together is the best way to tackle the crisis. In our society, however, collective land ownership is put at a disadvantage by many tax and civil laws, while private and speculative land ownership is encouraged and supported.

Plancher is proposing to revolutionize this by giving the community sector the same advantages enjoyed by the for-profit sector.

The Plancher Fund is the culmination of a large-scale conversation involving many stakeholders in Quebec’s community housing sector. Asset pooling has quickly become the way forward in order to:

Transform financing methods for affordable housing in Quebec

Provide access to housing outside the speculative market for a growing number of people

Create a fund to boost affordable and community housing

The Plancher Fund suggests pooling the real estate assets of housing cooperatives and non-profits to boost the power of community housing. It would be possible to maintain and increase the number of social and community housing units with greater agility and more resources.

The Plancher Fund will make it possible to:

Change the scope

of our operations

Simplify project

development mechanisms

Create leverage equal to our ambitions

through mutualisation

With the funds raised, Plancher will provide loans and make investments in order to complete:

  • Renovation projects carried out by participating cooperatives and NFPOs
  • Acquisition of buildings dedicated to community housing
  • Construction of community housing and land reclamation projects
Benefits for all Plancher Fund stakeholders

Housing cooperatives and NFPOs


Put the money dormant in the brick and mortar of your buildings to work to generate income and savings.

  1. Generate a return of 1% of the value of the properties you invested in the fund
  2. Take out renovation loans at interest rates that are 1% to 1.5% below market rates

Community housing developers


Benefit from financing that simplifies and fast-tracks your acquisition and construction projects.

  1. Take out loans at interest rates that are 1% to 1.5% below market rates
  2. Take advantage of an enhancement fund to support land acquisition and development costs
  3. Access forgivable loans


Simplify, fast-track and change the scale of your intervention:

  1. Enjoy a bonus on your investments. For every dollar invested, Plancher allocates five to local projects
  2. Finance projects in your area according to your contribution to the fund
  3. Speed up the turnover of acquired land with the right of first refusal

Complementary investors and financial institutions


Help fight the housing crisis by investing in Plancher :

  1. Support the large-scale development of community housing
  2. Increase your business opportunities with value-adding loans
  3. Meet your ESG objectives through a simple investment solution

News about the Plancher Fund

Answering your questions about Plancher

Answering your questions about Plancher

Our March 15th webinar on Plancher and its financing tools sparked a lot of interest and many questions. We’ve collected and summarized all the questions that were sent to us during the presentation, and by email. Many of these questions are complex, but we’ve tried...

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