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Get involved!

The Centre is always looking for people who are willing to get involved to contribute to our mission. Whether it’s as an external reviewer, as an employee, or as a participant in one of our special programs, we have a role for you.


Find out what opportunities are available to you!

External Reviewer Program

The experience you have developed within your organization could help groups like yours across the country. Grant applications received by the Centre require a thorough review by people who work in the field.

The Centre’s reviewers use their experience and expertise to review and comment on grant applications. Their work is essential to the Centre’s funding process. It is through their participation that an ecosystem is created in which everyone’s knowledge is passed on, fostering the growth and strength of the community housing sector.

We are currently recruiting reviewers with in-depth knowledge of:

  • Their region
  • The housing sector in general 
  • One or more of our priority areas of focus

If you are interested in this new challenge, we invite you to contact us at or contact one of our project managers.


Consult the list of available positions at the Centre.


An initiative designed to accelerate the growth of community housing by transforming its ecosystem.

Indigenous Internship Program

An initiative designed to propel the careers of Indigenous youth in community-based housing.


Black Communities Technical Housing Resource Centre

An initiative by Black people for the Black people to ensure better access to housing for Black Canadian communities.

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