An additional investment to fund the growth of community housing
13 Jan, 2023

An additional investment to fund the growth of community housing in Nova Scotia

Par Centre

The Centre salutes the decision of the government of Nova Scotia to invest an additional $2.5 million in the Community Housing Growth Fund (CHGF),  doubling its initial investment.

The fund, administered by the Centre, has had a significant success since it was established in October 2022. We are currently in the process of working out the details of the implementation of the extended agreement and more information will be shared in the coming weeks.

The additional funding is part of a $19.5 million investment to preserve, modernize and improve existing affordable housing, grow the community housing sector and add modular housing.

The CHGF is designed to help co-ops and non-profits build capacity and expand the province’s supply of non-market housing.

The Community Housing Growth Fund has three streams:

  • Capacity Building: To help community housing sector organizations strengthen the skills and competencies needed to undertake activities that lead to organizational transformation and growth
  • Planning and Pre-Development: To help cover costs of pre-development activities related to the construction of new affordable housing supply, and
  • Research and Innovation: To provide support to undertake activities that will promote innovation, education, and knowledge transfer in the community housing sector

The fund also included an investment to support the establishment and operations of a provincial non-profit housing association.

>> Learn more about the CHGF and apply for funding

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