Answering your questions about Plancher
4 May, 2023

Answering your questions about Plancher

Par Centre

Our March 15th webinar on Plancher and its financing tools sparked a lot of interest and many questions. We’ve collected and summarized all the questions that were sent to us during the presentation, and by email.

We invite you to consult the new FAQ section on our Plancher page.

Many of these questions are complex, but we’ve tried to answer them as simply as we can. However, since Plancher is being developed with many partners, it’s not yet possible to provide full answers to every question. However, we always appreciate hearing your questions and feedback!

Your questions tell us what your concerns are, so we can work to address them. We will update the FAQ as the project continues, and as we receive more questions.

A busy summer

The Partnership Committee will be busy over the summer. The working group will look at the governance and investment policy aspects of Plancher’s tools. These two aspects are the subject of many questions, which we look forward to being able to answer more fully.

With spring in the air, we’re glad to be able to communicate the results of these co-creation efforts. To stay up to date on this project, subscribe to our Plancher mailing list (in French) to receive the latest news.

If you are interested in Plancher, or have any questions, write to us at We will be happy to answer your questions and help you get involved.

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