Nova Scotia Community Housing Growth Fund

The Community Housing Growth Fund (CHGF) offers financial resources to support Nova Scotia’s non-profit and co-operative housing sector. It is introduced and financed by the Nova Scotia government in answer to the recommendation from the Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission tabled in 2021.

The fund provides money, new tools and expertise, empowering community housing providers to increase the supply of affordable housing options through three grants programs and one investment:

Capacity Building


To help community housing sector organizations strengthen the skills and competencies needed to undertake activities that lead to organizational transformation and growth

Planning and Pre-Development


To help cover costs of pre-development activities related to the construction of new affordable housing supply

Research and Innovation


To provide support to undertake activities that will promote innovation, education, and knowledge transfer in the community housing sector

Provincial Non-Profit Housing Association


To support the establishment and operations of a provincial non-profit housing association

Who can apply

This fund is available for organizations working in Nova Scotia’s community housing sector.   

  • Non-profit housing providers
  • Co-operative housing providers
  • Non-profit organizations involved in the building and/or operating of affordable or non-profit housing
  • Researchers and post-secondary institutions

How to apply

The full criteria to apply to the fund are available through the CHGF application package available here.

Applications must be submitted through the Portico portal available here.

For more information about the streams, the submission process, the criteria and the support available from the Community Housing Transformation Centre (the Centre) watch the webinar of the launch here. ⇓

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asked questions

How much funding is available?

There are a total of $2.5 million available through the Community Housing Growth Fund over a two-year period.

Why is Community Housing Transformation Centre administering the program?

The Community Housing Transformation Centre (the Centre) is a national non-profit organization specialized in providing support and funding allocation to the community housing sector across Canada. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) relies on the Centre to allocate 50 million dollars out of the National Housing Strategy to enhance the resilience and growth of the community housing sector from coast to coast to coast. As a result, the Centre developed specialized expertise, strengthened by tailor-made IT and administrative tools that provide highly efficient and secure grant allocation and management. This partnership means that provincial funds will flow much faster to eligible co-operative and non-profit housing organizations.

Not to mention, the Centre has a solid and constructive relationship with the Nova Scotia housing sector. Over the last three years, the Centre engaged in dialogue and funding activity with the Nova Scotia Government and community housing organizations from every region in the province. This record includes allocating $803,840 to community housing groups and contributing to the recent Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission.

The Centre will also contribute another $550,000 to the Community Housing Growth Fund to support capacity building in the sector and the operational needs of the non-profit housing association once it is formed.

Who will select which proposals receive funding?

The evaluation of each application will be undertaken through a thorough process by a Program Manager. The Community Housing Growth Fund Selection Committee will make the final decision on all eligible project proposals.

The Community Housing Growth Fund Selection Committee will have one representative from Municipal Affairs and Housing, one from the Centre, and three representatives from the Nova Scotia community housing sector or individuals with relevant knowledge, experience, and expertise.

For more information about the evaluation criteria, see the CHGF application package.

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