Perpetual affordability and Community Control of the Land: Community Land Trusts in Canada

by | Jun 2, 2020 | News – sustainable business

This is a summary of the workshop session ‘Perpetual Affordability and Community Control of the Land: Community Land Trusts in Canada’, which took place in Ottawa, on 26 April 2018 at the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association’s annual Housing and Homelessness Congress. 

Throughout Canada the Community Land Trust movement is picking up speed. Community Land Trusts use a model that proposes an approach to land that ensures perpetual affordability and community control of the land. The model aims to align with the existing needs and characteristics of the communities in which it is used, and offers the opportunity to protect commercial properties, community gardens, co-ops, and single and multi-family homes from the speculative real estate market. This session provided an overview of emerging initiatives in Canada that bring into focus the collective vision for community land stewardship. 

Paper by Ayda Agha, MSc. Community Health, Ph.D. Candidate Experimental Psychology, University of Ottawa 

Read the pfd document here.

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