Tenants : List of resources

The page offers guides to help understand Prince Edward Island’s Rental of Residential Property Act. Topics include: an explanation of the Act in plain language,...

Source: Renting PEI - Community Legal Information

ID: 41

Prince Edward Island


This report provides findings from a study aimed to highlight the trends in the housing market that creates and maintains youth housing supply, identify factors...

Source: Phoenix Youth Programs

ID: 56

Nova Scotia


This is the final report of a participatory research project that focused on identifying gaps in service for Indigenous people who are transitioning from their...

Source: Spence Neighbourhood Association

ID: 59



This guide aims to to help Partner Managed Housing (PMH) Sponsors understand how Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation’s (NLHC) PMH program works. It also explains...

Source: Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation

ID: 54

Newfoundland and Labrador