Vivre en ville launches a rent registry to counter soaring prices
30 May, 2023

Vivre en ville launches a rent registry to counter soaring prices

Par Centre

The Community Housing Transformation Centre welcomes the news of the launch of the Quebec Rent Registry (registre des loyers), a new tool to help protect housing affordability.

Data sharing and transparency of information around rents can only curb the deepening crisis in the rental market.

The Centre has joined forces with Vivre en Ville and other partner organizations, including Centraide of Greater Montreal, in their initiative to make rent information public. The rent registry is set up to help protect the accessibility of housing across Quebec by compiling a database of the prices paid for apartments and other housing units offered for rent.

Although rent caps are in place, and landlords are required to let new tenants know the previous rent, many landlords are still proposing excessive increases.

The Centre’s IT team contributed by creating the backend of this project. The Centre provided secure storage of the registry data to protect tenants’ confidential information.

The initiative invites tenants to share information about their rent, and their home’s number of bedrooms, address, and lease date. Public domain data is shared on the platform, and an interactive map is made available to all.

The platform also offers information on tenants’ rights and frequently asked questions.

Does your organization have a community project that requires an IT platform? Contact the Centre to find out what we can do for you.

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