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23 Oct, 2020

Want to help build 3,000 homes by 2022?

Par Sabine Friesinger

Learn about how to apply for funds here.

A silver lining in the dark clouds of Covid-19 is the recognition by Ottawa of the need “to help address urgent housing needs of vulnerable Canadians by rapidly creating new affordable housing units.”

To that end, the federal government has set aside $1 billion through the CMHC to create 3,000 housing units within a year, with grants going to municipalities, provinces, territories, Indigenous governing bodies and organizations, non-profit housing organizations and co-ops. This CMHC program is called the Rapid Housing Initiative (RHI) and the applicant guide is available here.

The government’s objective is to allocate as much money as possible by March 31, with an application deadline just two months away: December 31. That’s why the Community Housing Transformation Centre urges everyone in the social housing sector to start thinking NOW about conceiving and collaborating on projects that can quickly establish quality housing for disadvantaged Canadians.

Here are some examples of projects that could fit the bill for rapid housing: converting a hotel or motel, using prefab or modular housing technic, converting office space into housing spaces, etc.

And the Centre is here to help you put your projects on paper so that your pitch to the CMHC Rapid Housing Initiative has the best possible chance of success. “We’re offering up to $50,000 per project proposal to help community housing organizations to complete a professional business plan to submit their proposal to CMHC’s RHI fund” explains the Centre’s executive director, Stéphan Corriveau.

To avoid any misunderstanding, it should be noted that the Centre has no authority over CMHC’s Rapid Housing Initiative allocation process. “What we are offering to interested groups is funding to prepare the proposal they will present to CMHC,” explains Corriveau. 

“Before filing an application to request this prep funding from the Centre, make sure to call us at 1-833-360-3967, or fill in the contact form on our website. We’ll get right back to you with all the details you’ll need to ensure you understand the process.”

Don’t wait for the final bell to ring before you get started on your plans. We’re here to help, and we encourage you to contact the Centre if you need more information on how you can contribute to this historic housing initiative.

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