Our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

The Centre’s mission, vision and values are at the heart of everything we do

Our ideal: A home for all

Our mission at the Community Housing Transformation Centre is to transform the community-housing sector in a long-lasting way. Part of this implies improving existing solutions and creating more affordable housing, tools, and shared expertise. The Centre’s funds, along with other activities, support transformative non-profit housing projects.

Our vision

Supporting a resilient, growing, sustainable and inclusive community-housing sector.


Our mission

  • To connect and partner with sector, service and community housing providers to facilitate sector-wide transformation.
  • To fund, support, and build organizational capacity where gaps and needs exist.

The Centre’s priorities

Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples

  • To promote within and outside of the Centre the criticality of reconciliation

  • To focus on and respond to Calls to Action related to Indigenous Peoples

  • To engage and support Indigenous-led and/or managed housing providers and support their transformation agendas

  • To create tools and training to support community-housing providers in reconciliation efforts


Improving sector eco-responsibility

  • To help housing providers reduce their environmental footprint
  • To help tenants and co-op members reduce their environmental footprint
  • To promote the use of existing tools and encourage adoption of best practices


Resilience and innovative practices

  • To improve the quality of management and governance in the sector
  • To enhance community-housing providers’ awareness of their financial and social operations
  • To support providers in exploring new management and business models

Social inclusion and community engagement

  • To promote meaningful and strong tenant and community engagement
  • To provide resources and tools and showcase best practices
  • To improve community-housing organization for tenant and community engagement

Sector growth

  • To promote and leverage existing funding models for growth
  • To support exploration of new growth models (acquisition, land trust, other)
  • To increase access to tools and resources to promote community housing as a solution
  • To identify sector gaps (emerging issues and opportunities) and fill them (e.g., impacts of boom-and-bust economic cycles)

Effective Centre organizational stewardship

  • To build staff expertise and engagement through professional development and empowerment
  • To create an effective and functioning governance structure
  • To establish clear and effective external and internal communication

Our values


We communicate our intentions, actions and policies


We report to the sector and our funders, we respond to the needs and demands of the sector


We leverage our actions and the sector capacity through partnership


We increase results and deliveries by being accessible to the sector and flexible in our operations


We operate openly and honestly and are true to our mission and vision


We deliver our services according to need

What we are not

  • An “off-ramp” for government support to the community-housing sector
  • A funder of bricks and mortar
  • A provider of services for individuals

A selection of approved grants

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