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Reconciliation With Indigenous Peoples

We recognize that there is a significant infrastructure gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in Canada.

This gap is the result of hundreds of years of systematically unbalanced relationships and dispossession that continue to fuel an increasingly acute housing crisis for Indigenous peoples.

We want to contribute to reconciliation by promoting co-partnership in the community housing sector. Indeed, we believe that the concept of community-based housing can be in tune with Indigenous traditions. When properly implemented, community-based housing is an empowering tool for upholding rights and developing capacity. It can be a source of hope, while strengthening Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

We are therefore committed to:

  • Promoting, within the Centre and externally, reconciliation with Indigenous peoples
  • Accompanying and supporting Indigenous-managed housing providers in their transformation efforts
  • Creating tools and training adapted to the needs of Indigenous peoples, in order to facilitate the deployment of community-based housing and contribute to reconciliation

Indigenous Internship Program

An initiative designed to propel the careers of Indigenous youth in community-based housing.



  • Local Projects
  • Sectoral Projects
  • Nunalingni Piruqpaalirut Fund
  • Nova Scotia’s Community Housing Growth Fund


  • Energy efficiency coaching services
  • Self-assessment tools
  • Resource inventory
  • Special projects

News on reconciliation with Indigenous peoples

In my experience, living on the reserve is not easy, but it is a different and holistic experience. I live on the Wood Mountain Lakota First Nation; this is the […]

In celebration of the National Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the Community Housing Transformation Centre is introducing its Indigenous Internship Program.

The Community Housing Transformation Centre’s staff began 2022 with a renewed zeal to act on our organization’s commitment to Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. In our January newsletter, we invited other community housing providers, housing co-operatives or community-led organizations working with tenants to join us in learning about First Nations, Inuit and Métis People.

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