Let’s “Think Big” Together at the ONPHA Conference
25 Oct, 2022

Let’s “Think Big” together at the ONPHA Conference and change the scale of community housing’s impact

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Let’s “Think Big” Together

Impacting large-scale change through collaboration and innovation

Centre staff are looking forward to seeing community housing staff, tenants, and volunteers from across Ontario and beyond, at the 2022 ONPHA Conference, November 3 – 5 in Toronto.

On Thursday, November 3rd, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm ET, you’ll be able to attend our presentation “Think Big: Impacting large-scale change through collaboration and innovation”.

How can we put the community housing sector’s resources, assets and strengths together to tackle the housing crisis?

We believe that to grow our sector, we have to think big! The Centre has piloted a collaborative approach to funding a large-scale provincial project, called PLANCHER. Hundreds of community housing actors across the province of Quebec participated in discussions on how the sector could tackle the housing crisis. Their conclusion: they need to leverage their assets to finance the development and acquisition of community housing.

What lessons were learned, and how can they be useful for Ontario?

Hear from the panel about the process, the stakeholders, and the project that was launched in September of 2022.  

You’ll hear from Lisa Ker, Deputy Executive Director of the Centre, and François Fayad, Director of Communications. You will also be able to connect with Stéphan Corriveau, Executive Director and Scott Stager Piatkowski, Program manager for Ontario.

If you will be at the conference or in Toronto that week, and would like to schedule time to meet with Centre staff, please get in touch.

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