The Centre invited to the table of the Chantier Montréal abordable

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Growth

The Centre is pleased to participate to the Chantier Montréal abordable. Stéphan Corriveau, Executive Director, will represent the Centre’s expertise at this consultation and collective intelligence exercise that brings together several players in the real estate, financing and social economy sectors. The goal of the initiative is to reflect on innovative solutions for the construction and preservation of affordable housing in the city.

The approach aims in particular to:

  • To bring out new development levers that are less dependent on government funding
  • Accelerate the development of sustainable affordable housing
  • Reduce the obstacles to the construction of affordable housing

The reflection will be based on four areas of intervention:

  • The municipal real estate and financing strategy
  • Project financing and taxation
  • Project facilitation and regulatory modifications
  • The role and mandate of the Société d’habitation et de développement de Montréal (SHDM)

The Centre will share ideas on community solutions to develop affordable housing. The expansion and sustainability of community housing is necessary to acquire and maintain a quality housing stock for Montrealers.


If you are interested in these questions, we invite you to read about the Plancher initiative, which aims to find innovative solutions to increase the impact of the community in the housing sector in Québec.

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