The Centre supports greener community housing with 29 projects totalling $260,000 across Canada!

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Environment

Housing construction in Canada is generally done with little regard for the environment and the local ecosystem. Whether it’s the materials used, the construction techniques, the engineering or the architecture, developers too often focus only on their immediate needs, rather than fostering community and supporting the green transition.

To help transform this culture and make the community housing sector greener, The Centre aims to:

  • Help housing providers, tenants and members to reduce their environmental footprint;
  • Promote the use of existing tools and encourage the adoption of best practices.

These goals are being pursued through the Green Kickstarter Fund, a temporary fund established in the spring of 2022. 

The Centre is pleased to announce that this fund will support 29 green projects across Canada. In total, over $260,000 will be distributed to sustainable housing initiatives across the country. 

Projects supported by the fund include 

1. Les Serres hospitalières 

An investment of $10,000 will be made to Les Serres hospitalières, in order to promote the emergence of community mini-nurseries in Milton-Parc, Montreal. This investment will be used to acquire infrastructure by pooling purchases, in order to promote opportunity sharing and creation, while developing expertise in urban agriculture.

2. Passmore lodge energy upgrades 

With an investment of $10,000, the Slocan Valley Housing Society, located in Passmore, B.C., will upgrade its heating equipment to improve the lives of its tenants while reducing energy costs.

3. Hamilton Tree Equity Project

In Hamilton, Ontario, a major reforestation project will take place thanks to a $10,000 investment by the Centre. In partnership with tenants, areas of reforestation will be targeted. This project will be sustained by tenants over time and will encourage community involvement by all.

4. Creating Greener Opportunities 

In order to continue to provide services to Indigenous communities in Winnipeg, Winnipeg Inner City Missions’ Creating Greener Opportunities program will revitalize one of their vacant lots to enable urban agriculture and activities for both youth and adults!

Community housing, by transforming its construction methods, has the opportunity to be a leader in establishing new standards to support the green transition. The Centre is proud to stimulate, with projects like these, the transformation of the sector in this crucial transition for our society. 


If you have similar projects to promote green community housing in your area, please contact one of our Regional Energy Coaches who can help you plan the implementation of your project.

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