Special projects – Community Housing Transformation Centre – Centre de transformation du logement communautaire

Special Projects

Sector transformation is an ambitious project that aims to change the strategies and actions of thousands of community housing organizations. Our ambition is to have these organizations participate more effectively in the sustainable growth of the sector. One of the ways the Centre is stimulating this transformation is by developing partnerships to encourage the exchange of resources and knowledge.

The Centre’s special projects are designed to catalyze this transformation through boldness and innovation. They aim to bring together and empower community housing stakeholders and build their capacity to provide healthy and sustainable homes for all Canadians.

Coming soon our most recent special project: The Housing School, a solution by the sector for the sector offering services to educators and learners alike


An initiative designed to accelerate the growth of community housing by transforming its ecosystem.

Indigenous Internship Program

An initiative designed to propel the careers of Indigenous youth in community-based housing.


Black Communities Technical Housing Resource Centre

An initiative by Black people for the Black people to ensure better access to housing for Black Canadian communities.

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