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21 Nov, 2022

Mentorship: Bring your skills and knowledge of the community housing sector to the next level!

By Centre

The Housing Professionals Mentorship Program (HPMP), run by the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association (CHRA) is accepting applications until November 30th for its 2022-2023 cohort. This is a unique opportunity to connect with peers from across Canada and to expand your knowledge of the community housing and homelessness sector! 

Mentorships take place over six months. In addition to working one-on-one in mentorship pairs, participants also learn about core housing themes through webinars, discussion forums, virtual meetings and more. 

Several staff at the Centre have taken part in the program both as mentors and mentees. Here’s what they had to say about their experiences. 

“CHRA’s Mentorship program is one where the concept of ‘peer-to-peer’ development is taken to the next level.  Both mentors and mentees benefit from the opportunity to learn about each other’s experience, work, challenges, and solutions.  Also, it provides that space we all need to grow and the opportunity to then apply that growth to our work, which strengthens the housing sector.”

Lisa Ker, Deputy Executive Director, Mentor 2018-2019 

“Taking part in CHRA’s Mentorship program was career- and life-changing for me. CHRA was able to connect me with another LGBTQ person in housing, who gave me much-needed guidance and support on navigating my working life as a member of an underrepresented group. It was great to connect with other mentees and mentors through a program that was structured enough to provide a common experience, but also customized to allow everyone to seek out the types of support we each needed.” 

Lee Pepper, Communications Manager, Mentee 2018-2019 

To learn more about the program and apply to be a mentor or a mentee, visit the HPMP website

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