Plancher: a plan for affordable housing in Quebec

by | Oct 26, 2022 | Growth, Plancher-news

Activities surrounding the Plancher process are well underway. More than 35 partners, including financial institutions, non-profit and co-operative organizations, as well as municipalities and philanthropic organizations, are hard at work. Their objective: defining the structure of a new ecosystem for affordable housing in Quebec.

Created by the community housing sector, this plan is very ambitious. It consists of creating a financing tool capable of developing a vast affordable and sustainable housing stock. With the strength of the billions of dollars in assets held by social and community housing, this tool will be at the heart of a new ecosystem capable of transforming housing in Quebec.

With the support of its partners, the community housing sector would become the leader in affordable housing. For the common good and by the common good, the new ecosystem will simplify, accelerate and amplify the development and acquisition of tens of thousands of units per year.


The group of 35 partners will meet in committees until the spring of 2023.

An initial round of discussions is underway, on the conditions needed for the project to succeed. The partners will then work to identify the governance and partnership structures required to make the financing tool work.

A proposal for a governance model is expected by the end of December 2022, and the financial plan for the tool in January 2023.

Spring 2023 is when the tool is expected to be launched and the first call for contributions from housing providers will be issued.

Get involved and share your views

Stay tuned:  a survey will be launched in the coming days.

This will be an opportunity for stakeholders in Quebec community housing to express their views on the governance structure of this funding tool. As in the previous stages of the process, the responses will be used to feed the reflection of the working committees.

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