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Building Capacity in Orleans through Collaboration


Building Capacity in Orleans through Collaboration

Parent Organization

Orleans Cumberland Community Resource Centre


Suburban and Exurban Communities of Eastern Ottawa


Local Project – Sector Transformation Fund


Project Summary

Housing providers in Orleans realized that they could not, on their own, meet the housing needs in their region. So they created a coalition and with the support of Ottawa Community Housing and Orleans-Cumberland Community Resource Centre are working towards a new collaborative model. Their aim is to join forces in order to have the expertise and capacity to take advantage of emerging opportunities to leverage their assets, and thus, better serve their community. The primary objective of this project is to quantify and segment housing need, a capacity-building process, and an engagement process to identify potential resources that exist and can be strengthened. The engagement process will facilitate discussion among providers about how they might collaborate in contributing skills, property assets and potentially cash assets to support investment of additions to both the affordable and supportive housing stock across the Orléans-Cumberland region. The transformational impact of this project is the realization that strength lies in numbers and the opportunities that it will create in this region. This initial step can serve as a springboard to a giant leap: more funding, as well as a widening of services, personnel, and community housing. Better yet, this initiative has the potential to serve as a catalyst for change in the industry by encouraging, and providing a model for, sector-wide collaboration.


The convening partner is the Orleans-Cumberland Community Resource Centre, which is a multi-service agency that provides support and programming in a partnership model across the region.

Ottawa Community Housing (OCH), as the Cities large community housing agency has properties in this part of the region and is a member of the Orleans Housing Advisory Committee (OHAC) and will provide assistance and support where required.

The five housing providers will contribute staff and board resources to support the process and will be directly engaged in assessing the options to consolidate and aggregate individual resources, as well as a new government model to manage process of sharing individuals resources or contributions to the collective.

These partners are: Gloucester Non Profit Housing Corp; Cumberland NonProfit Housing Corp; Emily Murphy Non-Profit, Wigwamen Housing (Indigenous provider), Innovative Community Support Services (ICSS).

Supporting agencies (and members of the committee) are: Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre, Coalition de Familles Francophone, Action Logement. These agencies work in partnership to deliver services to the residents in social housing and will participate in the engagement process and review of alternate organizational structures.