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Building development capacity through mentorship


Creation of Housing Development Corporations

Parent Organization

Centretown Affordable Housing Development Corporation




FTS Sectoral Impact Projects


$ 350,000
Project Summary

Centretown Affordable Housing Development Corporation (Cahdco) is spearheading the development of a program aimed at empowering housing providers from all corners of the country to enhance their capacity for development. This comprehensive program consists of two distinct phases, each designed to address different aspects of skill-building and knowledge sharing.

In the first phase, Cahdco will focus on engaging housing providers and collaborating with them to co-create a detailed curriculum outline. This collaborative effort will ensure that the program meets the specific needs and requirements of the participating organizations. Moreover, Cahdco will work closely with over 10 other non-profit development organizations, including Indwell, M’akola, Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services, and UTILE, to gather their expertise and input. Professionals such as lawyers, architects, and construction managers will also contribute their knowledge by facilitating various learning activities.

The second phase of the program involves the actual implementation, where housing providers will actively participate in a combination of in-person and online learning activities. The curriculum, developed in the first phase, will cover a range of areas of expertise necessary for successful housing development. Through this comprehensive program, Cahdco aims to equip housing organizations with the skills and knowledge required to bolster their development capacity. The program will span 18 to 24 months and will incorporate coaching and mentorship to provide ongoing support and guidance to the participating organizations.

Cahdco, drawing from its extensive knowledge and experience in the field, will establish a dynamic community of practice focused on affordable housing development. Through coaching and mentorship, Cahdco will assist the participating organizations in creating their own non-profit development corporations. By sharing insights, best practices, and lessons learned, this collaborative environment will foster growth and innovation within the affordable housing sector.

The program has already garnered significant interest, with approximately 40 housing organizations representing ten provinces and territories expressing their intent to participate. This diverse group of housing providers from across the country demonstrates the strong need and desire for capacity building in the community housing sector.