Real-Life Rental Guide for Empowering Inclusion in Affordable Housing



Real-Life Rental Guide for Empowering Inclusion in Affordable Housing

Parent organization

National Affordable Housing Corporation

Grant stream

Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund





People with disabilities face unique challenges when seeking housing, from financial constraints and limited housing options to overt or subconscious discrimination. Congruent with our commitment to social inclusion and community engagement, the Centre has awarded $50,000 to the National Affordable Housing Corporation in their efforts to improve understanding between tenants with intellectual disabilities and property owners and management. The desired outcomes? Reducing evictions, increasing long-term housing stability for tenants with intellectual disabilities as well as addressing the doubts that some community builders have about renting to hard-to-house individuals. Boasting a high knowledge transfer potential, the Real-Life Rental Guide for Empowering Inclusion in Affordable Housing will compiles lessons, observations and best practices. An exciting initiative with the potential to create ripples of benefit in other communities, the guide will be written with tenant and property management involvement, in plain language, making it truly socially inclusive.


Inclusion Saskatchewan, National Affordable Housing Corporation

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