Transforming Social Housing in Manitoba: Business Planning and Community Control



Transforming Social Housing in Manitoba: Business Planning and Community Control

Parent organization

Manitoba Non-Profit Housing Association Inc.

Grant stream

Sector Transformation Fund – Sectoral Impact





As the Manitoba government is contemplating different scenarios on the future management of its 13,000 strong social housing portfolio, the community housing sector is building a constructive and comprehensive proposal that would ensure the preservation and expansion of this valuable housing stock to the benefit of the entire community. The Manitoba Non-Profit Housing Association and the Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada) as well as key community housing stakeholders of the province are coming together to imagine a future where community controlled assets are managed in a sustainable way. This collective brainwork includes finding ways of leveraging this substantial portfolio as a tool of regional development and a means to ensure growth for the sector in times when the need for affordable housing is far from being satisfied.


SAM Management Inc. and Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Inc. are two community housing providers.
The Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada is a partner on the project.
Manitoba Housing and CMHC will also be invited to participate on the project team.

Awarded projects

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Local Projects

Improved services through transformative projects inspiring meaningful change in local communities

Sectoral Impact Projects

Transformative projects bringing more or improved services to housing providers

Community-Based Tenant Initiative

Empowering tenants and their transformative projects by funding housing providers and tenant organizations
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