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Community Housing : Transformation in Action Now

Above all, the Centre offers the entire movement the means to intervene in a daring way and explore avenues of action that are not encouraged by traditional programs.

Toronto's Eviction Problem

A study highlights the stark disparities in eviction filings across Toronto. Eviction filing rates were twice as high in low-income neighbourhoods. Toronto has a racialized eviction problem—and this even when controlling for things like poverty.

The Centre teams up with cities to help grow green housing efforts

The Centre teams up with cities to help grow green housing efforts

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ (FCM) Sustainable Affordable Housing initiative is putting $300 million on the table to offset the cost of environmentally friendly measures at all project stages, including planning, study, piloting, capital construction or retrofit. In partnership with FCM, the Community Housing Transformation Centre is working to assist affordable housing providers to tap into the funds.

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Want to help build 3,000 homes by 2022?

Want to help build 3,000 homes by 2022?

A silver lining in the dark clouds of Covid-19 is the recognition by Ottawa of the need “to help address urgent housing needs of vulnerable Canadians by rapidly creating new affordable housing units.” To that end, the federal government has set aside $1 billion through the CMHC to create 3,000 housing units within a year, with grants going to municipalities, provinces, territories, Indigenous governing bodies and organizations, non-profit housing organizations and co-ops.

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Local Projects

Sector Transformation Fund

Enhance the capacity of your local organisation to provide affordable housing in a better way.

Sectoral Impact Projects

Sector Transformation Fund

Develop new services, models or tools to help the sector build and manage affordable housing.

Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund

Tenant engagement projects that aim to involve tenants in housing decisions that impact them and in defining services.

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Rapid Housing Initiative


The RHI is $1-billion program to help address urgent housing needs of vulnerable people through the rapid construction of affordable housing. The deadline for applications is Dec. 31, 2020.

Sustainable Affordable Housing

FCM - Green Municipal Fund

Reap environmental, social, and economic benefits by achieve higher energy performance of your affordable housing project.

Affordable Housing Catalyst Fund

The Catalyst Fund supports practical and collaborative projects which will lead to larger changes in the community-housing sector of the city of St. John’s, N.L. The deadline for applications is Friday, Nov. 27, 2020.

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A space providing you with a range of resources and tools such as the Tool Kit, the portfolio of Projects Highlights funded by the Centre, the Self-assessment Tool and the Resource Inventory.

A Home for All & Our Plan

Everyone deserves a safe, affordable place to call home, but in reality, a decent home is out of reach for too many of us. Through transformation, the community housing sector can help meet housing needs now and in the future. Read more about our Strategic Plan.