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Reducing the sector’s environmental footprint one project at a time


Camille's Place Green Project

Parent Organization

Congress of Black Women (Mississauga) Non-Profit Housing




Green Kickstarter Fund



Congress of Black Women (Mississauga) Non-Profit Housing

Project Summary

Camille’s Place is an eight-floor non-profit housing residence located in Mississauga. It was constructed in 1996 when the founding organization entered the non-profit housing sector to try and find solutions to the issue of affordable housing in the community they serve.

With their Green Project, the current Non-Profit Housing organisation Congress of Black Women (Mississauga) plan to undergo various green initiatives to reduce Camille’s place environmental footprint and reduce the utilities costs, specifically electricity and water which account for approximately 30% of the annual budget.

The steps towards achieving their goal start by xeriscaping the lawn, replacing the traditional garden with native plants to reduce the increasing water usage per year as well as having a native landscape which would benefit the natural environment. For energy use reduction, the plan is to replace fluorescent lamps with new LED fixtures and to install motion sensors to reduce the amount of usage time. This will allow savings in electricity and maintenance costs, thus reducing utilities to keep rents affordable and to allocate any excess to more activities’ development.

Regarding heating, ventilation and air conditioning in the building, the project funds will help upgrade the system using newer technology to be more energy efficient and use less utilities each year. Upgrading the HVAC systems makes it also easier for the tenants to control and manage the hotter and colder parts of the year.

This project aims to inspire better environmental practices amongst the residents and the community in general and promote sustainability in the Black-led organization as well.