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Generate income and savings using the value of your community housing buildings 

Are you a manager or member of a housing cooperative? The Plancher Fund is for you!

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Simplify your renovation financing with additional income

Take out renovation loans at below-market interest rates
Keep rent increases to a minimum

What is the Plancher Fund?

This investment fund will have access to one billion dollars to provide substantial financing for the maintenance, acquisition and construction of community housing in Quebec.

You have a lot to gain from the Plancher Fund. You’ll be able to generate income and save money at the same time, which means you’ll significantly boost your financial agility.

How does it work?

This type of fund works by using property values as collateral to obtain a line of credit from a financial institution.


Properties that take part put up their assets as collateral, guaranteeing their ability to pay. The financial institution issues a line of credit to Plancher


The funds raised by Plancher are then invested in community housing projects


Projects backed by Plancher repay their loans and pay interest


Returns are distributed between participating properties and additional investors. The line of credit is repaid by the supported projects

The Plancher Fund: An investment that pays off and helps you renovate!

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The Plancher Fund is an initiative run by the Community Housing Transformation Centre in partnership with a group of organizations from the Quebec community sector. Once enough cooperatives and non-profits have signed up for the initiative, this investment fund can be rolled out!
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