A Whitehorse building that empowers its diverse tenants – Community Housing Transformation Centre – Centre de transformation du logement communautaire

A Whitehorse building that empowers its diverse tenants


Cornerstone Tenant Advisory Committee

Parent Organization

Opportunities Yukon


Neighbourhood - Whitehorse, Yukon


Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund (CBTI)


Project Summary

In July 2022, Opportunities Yukon opened the Cornerstone Community Building. The building is home to a diverse mix of tenants, and a CBTI grant from the Centre helped take its inclusiveness to the next level.  The 45 one-bedroom units in the building include homes for people living with mental illnesses, substance abuse issues, developmental disabilities, and/or physical disabilities, as well as victims of violence, and low-income earners, as well as some market-rent units.

The building also includes a social enterprise café staffed by people with disabilities, as well as a rooftop patio for all tenants to enjoy.   Funding from the Centre allowed Opportunities Yukon to hire a co-ordinator to create a Tenant Advisory Committee.  Through this committee, tenants can discuss their housing issues, engage in open dialogue with their landlord, find community supports, and discuss issues in their community and advocate for change.

The committee also provides a way for the board and the tenants of the building to communicate and collaborate.  The Co-ordinator will also develop a training curriculum to share with community partners, and promote the development of Tenant Advisory Committees throughout Yukon and the North.    


Blood Ties Four Directions Centre, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Society Yukon, Safe at Home Society