Downtown Eastside Vancouver SRO Hub



Downtown Eastside Vancouver SRO Hub

Parent organization

SRO Collaborative Society

Grant stream

Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund


Downtown Eastside / Granville South neighbourhoods, Vancouver, BC


$ 150,000 over 3 years

Approximately 4,000 residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, one third of which are Indigenous, live in about 100 privately owned Single-Room Occupancy (SRO) buildings. This housing stock plays an integral role in the continuum of housing choices for vulnerable and low-income residents, often acting as the last rental home option before homelessness. This project aims to improve living conditions and tenant engagement, promote building rehabilitation, and stabilize rents in seven ‘pilots’ privately owned SRO hotels over the next three years. 


Dr. Jeff Masuda, Centre for Environmental Health Equity, Queen’s University

Kellie Carroll, Executive Director, Network of Inner City Community Services Society (NICCSS)

Lorraine Copas, Executive Director, Social Planning and Research Council of BC

Abigail Bond, Managing Director, Homelessness Services & Affordable Housing Programs

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