Housing Catalyst Fund

Oct 5, 2020


Housing Catalyst Fund

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City of St.John’s


Sector Transformation Fund – Sectoral Impact


St.John’s, Newfounland


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The Housing Catalyst Fund supports practical and collaborative projects which lead to larger change in the sector. The Centre and the City of St.John’s are joining efforts to work with community groups and other stakeholders (housing providers, service providers, non- profit organizations, builders/developers) to facilitate and plan housing solutions that will enhance the quality for life for individuals and families and build healthier communities.
To be considered, projects must be solution focused and action oriented and fill a clearly identified need in the housing sector. Catalyst projects are intended to be concluded in approximately 1 year. Emphasis will be placed on projects that are led by or include a community agency.
Applicants can apply for up to a $30,000 grant per project. The application deadline is the last Friday in November (Nov.27, 2020).

To learn more about the application process for the Housing Catalyst Fund, click here.

Partners :

The Catalyst Fund is a partnership between the Community Housing Transformation Centre and the City of St. John’s.

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