Podcasts – ‘Un toit, un droit’ (One roof, one right)

Nov 28, 2020


Podcasts “Un toit, un droit” (One roof, one right)

Parent Organization

Fédération Régionale des OSBL d’habitation de la Montérégie et de l’Estrie


Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund (CBTIF


Québec — Montérégie and the Estrie regions



The Quebec housing crisis has only recently attracted significant media attention, but the coverage remains superficial and sporadic. As a result, social media have become the tool for different organizations to exchange and share their knowledge on a variety of tenant-related topics. The podcast project “Un toit, un droit” (One roof, one right) entails the production of a series of eight podcast episodes on the housing sector, with a particular focus on the social and community housing sector. The series will be hosted and produced by tenants of non-profit, low-income and co-op housing, with the support of a coordinator. Knowledge is power: the podcast aims to amplify tenant voices and strengthen the tenancy movement in Montérégie and Estrie, in Quebec, in addition to connecting tenants and elected officials, and raise their awareness to the challenges experienced by tenants as well as the barriers encountered in their community involvement.


Regional municipal housing offices

Tenants’ associations (South Shore, Beauharnois, Valleyfield, Sorel, Sherbrooke)

Technical Resource Groups (South Shore, Saint-Hyacinthe, Estrie, Valleyfield)

Community organizations

Community Development Corporations,

Table régionale des organismes communautaires et bénévoles de la Montérégie

Coalition des Tables régionales d’organismes communautaires (CTROC).

Local Projects

Sector Transformation Fund

Enhance the capacity of your local organisation to provide affordable housing in a better way.

Sectoral Impact Projects

Sector Transformation Fund

Develop new services, models or tools to help the sector build and manage affordable housing.

Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund

Tenant engagement projects that aim to involve tenants in housing decisions that impact them and in defining services.

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