Governance framework for Rising Tide Community Initiatives Inc.


Governance framework for Rising Tide Community Initiatives Inc.

Parent Organization

Rising Tide Community Initiatives Inc.


Moncton, New Brunswick


Sector Transformation Fund – Local Project


Project Summary

In the last year alone, the homelessness population in Moncton has doubled. Even worse, shelter capacity can’t handle the anticipated volume this fall and winter. Given this crisis, dozens of suitable properties have been identified for potential acquisition that could provide permanent housing options for up to 50 homeless women and men this winter. There is an imminent and urgent need to establish the groundwork for the Rising Tide Community Initiatives Inc. project to be fully operational and able to begin delivering permanent housing to homeless individuals in the Moncton area.


The establishment of Rising Tide Community Initiatives Inc. is the first step in founding a Moncton housing agency. The intent is to coordinate the implementation of the Community Action Plan for Affordable Housing. The vision includes sustainable, long-term, concrete and far-reaching transformation initiatives, with an initial focus on the growing homeless population. The Greater Moncton Steering Committee has set a bold goal to eliminate functional homelessness by 2023. This means Moncton will have no more than three people without shelter at any given time, and that anyone without shelter can expect to be housed within 10 days.


Moncton business community – collaborator and funding partner; Greater Moncton Homelessness Steering Committee’s Harmonized Assessment Review Team (HART) – collaborator and service provider.

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Sectoral Impact Projects

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Sector Transformation Fund

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Community-Based Tenant Initiative

Develop projects that aim to engage tenants/co-op members in housing decisions that affect them.

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