Project will build skills and confidence among low-income tenants


Prendre notre place dans la gestion de nos logements (Taking our place in managing our buildings)

Parent Organization

Fédération des locataires d’habitations à loyer modique du Québec (Québec Federation of HLM tenants)




Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund


Project Summary

Many tenants living in low-income housing projects (known as HLMs in Québec) are people marginalized by their socio-economic situation, who have themselves internalized prejudices against them. As well, for a long time these tenants have avoided getting involved out of fear they will displease the management of these projects and find themselves ousted from their homes. Often, tenants who have served on the boards of directors and advisory committees of their HLMs have resigned because the tasks seems too much of a burden or too complicated. The contributions of these tenants can be immense, however, and are essential to the good management of their surroundings, says the Fédération des locataires d’habitations à loyer modique du Québec (FLHLMQ). The federation wants to develop a training program that will equip these tenants to better fulfill their role. The Centre has consequently allocated a grant of $100,444 to the Prendre notre place dans la gestion de nos logements project, which seeks to foster tenants’ sense of competence and the acquisition and sharing of knowledge, and to establish a culture of participation. Breaking down prejudices, giving these tenants confidence, helping them to experience success and spread this knowledge around their network will allow for the creation of a new tradition of positive involvement and increased engagement.


The Regroupement des offices d’habitation du Québec (ROHQ), the Association des directeurs d’offices d’habitation du Québec (ADOHQ), the Montréal Municipal Housing Office, professor Janie Houle (Université du Québec à Montréal) and professor Paul Morin (Université de Sherbrooke).

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