As a sector born initiative, backed by the National Housing Strategy, we offer grants to community housing providers, community housing service providers and community organisations under the form of 3 separate programs. Whether your project is worth $500 or $500,000, we want to hear about it!

How does it work?  

Step 1 Identify your Idea 

Have you identified an issue within your organization? Your project needs to identify the issue orchallenge that you want to address and propose a method that will lead to impactful change. 

Step 2 Be creative! Be innovative! 

What can you do differently in order to address the issue at hand? Projects need to include new approaches and/or tools within the organization or the community housing sector. This does not necessarily mean that the methods are new altogether but, they have to be new in the context of your project.  

Step 3 Evaluate Transformational

Will your project lead to sustainable and significant impact? For example, will it result in better involvement of your tenants within their housing? Will it create a strengthened and more efficient organization? Will there be more housing units built? Will it make the community housing sector more resilient? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then you are definitely on the right track. 

Step 4 Call Us to Discuss Your Idea 

At the Centre, we can assist you with the application process. Please call us and talk to our Program Managers. They will help you formulate ideas and define innovative methods. You could then benefit from one of our grants.  


Read through our FAQ and follow these steps to help you prepare to apply for the Centre’s funds. The checklist is meant as a guideline to support you in your application process.

Read the Checklist to Get Started

Follow these steps to help you prepare to apply for the Centre’s funds. This checklist is meant as a guideline to support you in your application process.

Visit our Resource Centre

The Centre identifies knowledge sharing and partnerships within the community as a key principle. The first step for applicants applying for the Centre’s funds is to review this inventory to ensure that the exact service being proposed doesn’t already exist. However, we will consider a proposal that is adapted to a specific community or demographic and is proposing something new for the organization itself.


Familiarize yourself with our funds

Read through the information on our website regarding our funding streams: The Sector Transformation Fund (Local Projects or Sectoral Impact Projects) and The Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund. You can also watch our recorded webinars and explore our website under the “Grants” section.


Identify the right type of fund for your needs and which objective(s) your project will meet

After having read the information regarding our funds, identify the fund you wish to apply to and make sure your proposed project fits into at least one of our general funding objectives.


Consider the transformational aspect of your project

The Centre defines transformational impact as change that is sustainable, long-term, concrete and far-reaching. As such, proposed projects need to include new approaches, tools and/or ways of doing things within the organization/sector. Reflect on what makes your project idea transformational and make sure to communicate that to us in your grant proposal.


Familiarize yourself with the application form

Read through our application form and our sample grant proposal for clarification and inspiration. A blank application form and an example of a grant proposal can be found in the PDF application package mentioned above.


Learn about the reporting requirements you will need to comply with if awarded funding

Read through our progress and final reports to know what questions will be asked of you. Note that reporting is dependent on the length of your project and amount requested. More information is available in the FAQ and application packages.


Get advice from our Program Managers

We are here to answer your questions. If you have an idea but are not sure whether it aligns with our Funds, click here to contact us.


Apply online

Go to and click on the “Login” tab at the top of the page and then select “Application Portal” to apply for a grant. You should then create an account, pick the fund you want to apply for and fill out the application.


Read through our FAQ

This section provides an array of information and will likely answer the questions you may have.

Local Projects

Sector Transformation Fund

Enhance the capacity of your local organisation to provide affordable housing in a better way.

Sectoral Impact Projects

Sector Transformation Fund

Develop new services, models or tools to help the sector build and manage affordable housing.

Community-Based Tenant Initiative Fund

Tenant engagement projects that aim to involve tenants in housing decisions that impact them and in defining services.

Become a Volunteer Project Reviewer

Join the Wave of Transforming Community Housing Practices

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